Stem Cell Facelift

What Is A Stem Cell Facelift?

A Stem Cell Facelift (SCFL) is a new and emerging trend in the world of facial plastic surgery. Although not a true facelift, it utilizes special fat grafting techniques (link to fat grafting) to smooth out the texture and fine lines of the facial skin allowing for a more youthful appearance. SCFL works very similarly to traditional dermal fillers, but with longer lasting and natural results. This technique is particularly useful with fine lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines) and eyes (crows’ feet).

What Does A Stem Cell Facelift Involve?

SCFL utilizes nanofat (link to fat grafting) technology to enhance and stimulate youthful regeneration of the skin. Nanofat is a type of fat obtained from fat in other parts of the body that is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and stem cells. This fat is then injected into the skin of the face and neck. Once this fat deposits in the area, the stem cells promote healing and youthful regeneration of the skin. The fat also “fills” out areas where there is fine lines and wrinkles, allowing them to disappear.

What Is A Stem Cell?

Stem cells are a special type of cell that exists in the human body. They are “baby cells” that are younger types of cells in the body that can regenerate and change shape into different types of cells (e.g. muscle, skin, bones). They have various uses in the world of medicine. The major benefit of stem cells is that they can use their potential to change shape to adapt to different parts of the body. In a SCFL, they regenerate into younger, stronger, healthier skin of the face.

Who Is A Candidate For Stem Cell Facelifts?

Any patient, male or female that desires an improvement in skin quality and texture would greatly benefit from a SCFL. Specifically, patients with fine lines and wrinkles, sun related damage, pigmentation and color changes, and scarring of the face would greatly benefit. Patients may seek this treatment as young as their 20s.

What Are The overall Benefits Of A Stem Cell Facelift?

SCFL allows for facial rejuvenation that is natural, using the body’s own tissue. This is different than synthetic material found in other fillers and injectables. Other benefits include:

  • Long Lasting- traditional fillers and injectables are temporary and need reapplication very 9 to 12 months.
  • No General Anesthesia- this insures minimal down time and return to normal activity sooner.
  • Little to no swelling- this insures a return to normal life after the procedure.
  • Smoother Skin- allows for reuction in fine lines and overall improvement in youthful appearance.
  • Non-Toxic- this is a natural solution to the aging related changes of the face

What Can You Expect During A Stem Cell Facelift?

The procedure is performed in the office. Dr. Mourad may prescribe some medications to make you comfortable throughout the procedure. You do not have to fast prior to the procedure. Dr. Mourad will then place you in an office chair and recline you. Your face will be scrubbed with antibacterial scrub to clean the recipient sites (face and neck). Dr. Mourad will then apply a topical anesthetic that will sit for 30-45 minutes while he harvests and prepares the fat. Next, Dr. Mourad prepares the harvest area using special antiseptic solution. This may be from the thigh or abdominal region. Local anesthetic and special solutions are injected in the area of harvest. Using special instruments Dr. Mourad will then extract fat from the area. He then prepares the fat using special equipment. During this time, you will be reclined and comfortable allowing the local anesthetic to work. Once the fat is prepared Dr. Mourad will then begin to inject the stem cell solution into the skin and fine lines of the face. By this point the anesthetic should be working and minimal discomfort should be experienced. Once completed, Dr. Mourad will clean the recipient and donor sites, which completes the procedure.

What Is The Followup And Recovery Like For A Stem Cell Facelift?

Immediately following the procedure it is normal to experience some swelling and redness of the face. It begins to go down approximately 30 minutes after the procedure. At this point you may ice the area to reduce further swelling. Patients are asked to refrain from exercise for 24 hours following the procedure. Most patients can resume normal activity the following day in addition to applying makeup. Over the following 3-10 days you may still experience some swelling and bruising that should resolve. Over the course of 3-4 weeks after the procedure the healing will take effect, and noticeable improvement will continue to evolve.

Is A Stem Cell Facelift Done In The Office? How Long Does It Take?

SCFL is most commonly performed in the office under local anesthesia. It is relatively painless, and patient’s experience minimal discomfort. The entire procedure time ranges and can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes.

How Long Does A Stem Cell Facelift Last?

SCFL should last 5-10 years. In reality the effects are permanent as it is using the body’s own regenerative potential to make permanent and long lasting effects. However, patients will continue to experience age related changes of the face that may require additional procedures.

Are There Other Related Treatments To A Stem Cell Facelift?

SCFL can be used as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other procedures like facelifts, neck lifts, blepharoplasty, fat grafting, and rhinoplasty. They can enhance the aesthetic outcome of these procedures. Alone however, it can allow for a more youthful and “refreshed” look.

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